The Incidental Corridor No.301

301. That point where we are projected towards the world, where the symmetry of oneness takes place and becomes a balance of two natures, that of reason and that of nature itself, within a degree of actuality enveloping a subject and intending towards a moment that never was, is the stage of the incidental corridor. It is the divide that separates the in itself from the for itself; the channel of tranquility that opens up and becomes what it intends to be, unleashing itself from the primordial vortex and displaying a rhythm of reality that is fully comprehended and absorbed and pleading to be arranged, rearranged, modelled or even destroyed.
We fall against ourselves within this realm and become interactive subjects, each with its own intentions that effectively channel outcomes and reflect the causality of the structure of existence. These teleological sequences of time are always rubbed into place and leave an indelible mark, one in which the adjuncts of nature use fully and expertly in order to comply with their visions and their worlds.

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